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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome night!!! Congrats Jonas Salk class of 2010

Tonight was an amazing performance! The concert for Jonas Salk Middle School Class of 2010 was Awesome! I performed My new single In The Music, and Make It Hot with IV. I just want to Thank all of the great students and fans who have been so supportive !! I had so much fun tonight! With out all of you I wouldn't be doing what I love, Thank you!! Stay tuned there is more to come!! Congratulations Class of 2010!!! Keep rockin out!!!


  1. hey we saw your show at the dance you were amazing, and you will defenitley become famous one day, my teachers enjoyed you too and the Rapper. The rapper was so awesome too, I wish I remembered his name too. He and you made my night amazing especially the rapper <3
    P.S the rappers awesome

  2. good job last night wish it didnt have to end. You should come to the school more often your show was amazing you two made such a good team i hope to see you back again so we could have some more FUN class of 2010 out

  3. Thank you very much! The rappers Name is IV look him up at! Thank you so much! I had a blast!!!!